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Chelzee' .T. Lentz Studio
The Art of Chelzee'.T.Lentz

"My Art comes from an inner desire to create, to see life on a surreal level 
& from my spirituality. When I paint it is to make reality from a thought,
 a dream, or a memory. Many of my dreams-capes are evoked from a place
 of actualization which has calmed a stirring. My intentions are to create something that will make you feel. A remanence. My Art takes you to a 
place and then invites you reminisce, dream, or come face to face with a reality. And then dares to deny its beauty."

Chelzee' .T. Lentz is an international Artist & Interior Designer Located in North Dallas, Texas area and is known for her award-winning, revolutionary, Modern Surrealist Art. She has studied under popular Artist 
and has accreditation from Texas A& M University in Fine Art Direction. 
Chelzee' T. Lentz is a moving force in her local art community and nationwide.

Contact Artist by email at ChelzeeLentz@yahoo.com
 for Fine Art and Interior Design Services.

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